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Meadowcrest Office & Staff Info

6222 W. Corporate Oaks Drive
Crystal River, Florida 34429

Meadowcrest Community Association (MCA) exists to own, operate and manage the MCA commonly owned property. MCA owns and/or is responsible for Meadowcrest Blvd., Meeting Tree Blvd., MacVicar Road, the main park by the clubhouse, the park on MacVicar Road, the Clubhouse complex and the MCA Office Condo. MCA scheduling guidelines and rules for the use of the community amenities, clubhouse, pools, parks and island are available in the office and on this website.

Site Administrator

 Lori Goulett
 (352) 795-1372 
 [email protected] 
Works 20 hrs/week

Available on site at the
 MCA Office 

 Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • Assigns and activates security keycards for property owners who use the clubhouse & swimming pools
  • Manages reservations for the use of clubhouse, MCA Office, or pond island
  • Prepares invoices & reimbursements for payment
  • Assists in steering problem reports regarding MCA amenities to the right persons to resolve
  • Assists property owners in finding the right MCA resource to resolve an issue
  • Keeps Board members and Community Manager aware of issues that impact MCA

Community Manager

 Isis Williams
 (239) 268-7563
[email protected]
Works 20 hrs/week

 Available on site at the
 MCA Office. On site schedule
 varies from week to week.   
Always willing to schedule face-to-face meeting or phone meeting by request.  

  • Attends Board meetings and take meeting minutes on behalf of the organization
  • Advises the MCA Board members on HOA options to resolve issues
  • Is the custodian of official MCA records, files, and books of account 
  • Causes MCA-owned property to be maintained according to standards acceptable to MCA
  • Assists the Board in obtaining property, directors and officers, liability and other forms of insurance appropriate for MCA
  • Negotiates contracts for maintenance and other necessary services 
  • Places orders for equipment, tools, appliances, materials, and supplies as are necessary to properly maintain MCA-owned property

Community Maintenance

John Crosky
Works 30 hrs/week

Assignments managed by Community Manager with input from MCA Board

  • Cleans and scrubs swimming pools
  • Makes sure MCA-owned property is in order and things are where they should be
  • Performs general "fix it" tasks on MCA-owned property
The following nine Associations are members of Meadowcrest:
  • Arbor Court POA
  • Fairmont Village POA 
  • Fox Hollow POA
  • Pinehurst Village POA
  • Hillcrest Village POA
  • Meadowcrest Advantage POA(Summerhill Apartments)
  • Meadowcrest Commercial POA
  • Meadowcrest Office Park POA
  • Technology Square of Meadowcrest POA

2024 Meadowcrest Office & Staff Holiday Schedule:

  2024 NEW YEAR'S DAY  Monday (January 1, 2024) 
  DAY AFTER NEW YEAR's DAY  Tuesday (January 2, 2024) 
  MEMORIAL DAY  Monday (May 27, 2024) 
  INDEPENDENCE DAY  Thursday (July 4, 2024) 
  LABOR DAY  Monday (September 2, 2024) 
  THANKSGIVING DAY  Thursday (November 28, 2024) 
  DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING  Friday (November 29, 2024) 
  CHRISTMAS DAY  Wednesday (December 25, 2024) 
  2025 NEW YEAR'S DAY  Wednesday (January 1, 2025)