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Arbor Court Committees

DAB (Design Approval Board)

July 2021 Update

Arbor Court Covenants Article V section 2 states, “No Owner shall make any alteration, or undertake any exterior repainting, repair, or addition to the Owner’s dwelling which alters the structure or appearance thereof, without the prior written approval of the DAB. The DAB may require plans and specifications, drawings, or other details of the proposal.”

This means that a DAB request must be approved prior to making any changes to the exterior structure, or property,of your home. Failure to comply may initiate Board action in accordance with our covenants.

A DAB form can be downloaded from the forms section of our website or picked up from the Arbor Ct. basket in the Meadowcrest office M-F 8:30-12:30.

Examples of some of the activities that would require an approved DAB form:

  • Replacing your roof

  • Replacing windows

  • Replacing a storm door

  • Install pavers, stone or mulch

  • Replacing your garage door

  • Planting or removing trees or shrubs
  • Painting a driveway

Completed forms can be submitted to our current DAB team:

Judy Beeler 352-794-3305

Ellen Sikora 352-794-3434

There were several requests to paint driveways, which were pending as the Board was looking for a uniform paint color that came closest to a natural concrete. A paint/sealant color has been approved and can be purchased at Porter Paints. You need simply ask for the “Arbor Ct. Driveway Paint”.

If you need crack repair, request “Kover Krack”. This is an elastomeric textured caulk which is applied before painting.

Porter Paints - 724 NE US 19, Crystal River 34429 Ph 352-795-3613

PS: If your driveway was painted a different color with prior DAB approval you are ‘grandfathered in’ and will not need to change colors until you are ready to repaint.

The Arbor Court Board of Directors appreciates your cooperation.